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The TC branding process

5 steps to a brand new brand!

Are you ready to launch or relaunch your brand but not sure what’s involved? Sure, it's a big task but don't let that overwhelm you because it's super exciting and I'm here to help! Below is my standard TC branding process, broken down into 5 steps, so you know exactly what you’re in for.

#1 - Tell me your story

During our initial contact (whether it be a meeting, call, or email) I’ll hand it over to you to tell me your story, all about your brand, who you are, your specialties, your goals and the ideal audience you are hoping to attract. This detail provides a solid foundation for planning and generating ideas before we get stuck into the actual design process.

#2 - Typography and initial designs

This is the most intensive step in the process. Further to the information received above, I will create and piece together several typography options for your review, alongside a few design elements suitable for your brand. Your feedback provided here allows for great direction for your new branding and you will really start to see things coming together. After a few decisions are made, your primary logo is finalised and used as a foundation to build your brand.

#3 - Logos two and three (aka secondary and submark logos)

In addition to your primary logo, complementing secondary and submark logos will be created and various options provided for your selection. I also provide up to two rounds of revisions to make minor adjustments to your selected design, if necessary.

#4 - All about the colour

All of your designs are approved so now it's time to add some colour and bring your brand to life! Once again, we will look at a number of suitable colour palettes until we find the one that perfectly balances your brand and makes it POP!

#5 - Brand kit delivery

Everything is done... well, kind of! After all designs are complete, I develop your Brand Kit - a thorough PDF guide that brings together all elements, including typography, logo variations, correct use of logo application, colour palette details, and mockups of your branding to support your launch. Then, the whole pack is sent to you in one big, exciting download file, ready to share with the world.


If you’re in need of a brand or rebrand, let’s have a chat and bring your vision to life!

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