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Digital Marketing - Where to start!?

When things are new, they can be exciting but also overwhelming. Setting up a business and getting started in the digital world is no different.

Today I want to share with you 7 things to keep in mind with your digital marketing in the hope it may help someone who is starting out, thinking about getting started or even a reminder for those already in business!

  • Strategise: Create and put in place a solid brand and marketing strategy at the beginning

  • Set goals: but keep them realistic

  • Track & Measure: Regularly keep an eye on your analytics to see what is working and what may need improvement

  • Engage: Human’s love interaction so keep it real, show your face and be sure to engage with your customers

  • Adapt: Remember the online world is constantly changing with new tools, tactics and technology so be ready to adapt to these changes and keep improving as you go

  • Have patience: Don’t expect too much too soon. Organic growth is the best growth and this can take time. Stick with it

  • Most of all: Never stop learning and growing

Want to chat more about getting started, marketing or strategy? I'd love to hear from you!

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