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Do you ask your customers for feedback?

I don't know about you, but when I'm researching to buy something, visit somewhere or book a service, I have a look through the reviews from previous customers on Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor etc

Asking customers for a review seems a tedious task but these testimonials are a great way to know how you are doing, what customers are happy with and what may need a little attention.

Find a suitable time within your customer journey and kindly ask your clients if they could take a minute to share their experience with you. Google Business makes it easy to send a link and reviews are submitted directly to your profile, and here are some other ways you can ask also:

  • Ask them in person!

  • Email them - make it personal and let them know how valuable their feedback is

  • Create a short survey that you can send to your customers after the purchase of a product or service

  • Through your website - ideally with a reviews page and direct input form

  • On receipts/invoices leaving an email address or direct link to your Google Profile reviews

Keep yourself in the game and don't shy away from asking for feedback.

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