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Marketing strategy basics

How’s your marketing strategy looking? Has it been prepared recently, many years ago or possibly...not at all 🙊

A marketing strategy takes a thorough look at the past, present and future marketing activities of a business. Its purpose is to add structure to all activities and prepare an in-depth plan of action for the coming weeks and months etc.

A basic marketing strategy should confirm:

  • Who you are, what you are offering and what makes you unique

  • Who your target market is - their wants and needs

  • Any current problem areas

  • Your goals and objectives

  • A review of all current marketing activities

  • An analysis of your competitors with their strengths and weaknesses

  • The plan itself! What marketing platforms you will use, how to use them, their purpose and how they will be monitored to ensure you are receiving the most out of the time dedicated to marketing and continuing to grow your brand with strength.

Digital marketing and social media is an ever-changing world with many options, trends and ideas. Pausing to look at what you are doing, what is working, what can be improved and your next steps forward, is a rather wise and rewarding process.

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