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Stuck on #hashtags?

Social media is all about keeping up with trends. In particular, hashtags on Instagram are an important way to join in with current trends and ensure your content is searchable, assisting followers and non-followers to discover your content.

Instagram allows you 30 hashtags (max) per post and although you don't have to use them all, you’ll want to make sure the ones you use are worth it.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a guide to 6 different hashtag types:

1️⃣ Branded hashtags – Create a hashtag unique to your business name, slogan or a current campaign and encourage your followers to use these hashtags also

2️⃣ Location - Use a hashtag that refers to your location, your business location, or the location of the image you’ve used

3️⃣ Product or service – These hashtags will be basic keywords to describe the product or service you are sharing

4️⃣ Niche and community – Hashtags that explore your niche and connect like-minded users around a specific subject (aka community hashtags) are also a great idea. Examples include #weddingdayflorals, #livingroominteriors, #perthcoffeescene, #mechanicsofinstagram, #mytravelgram

5️⃣ Daily hashtags or special events – Is it #christmas, #nationaldogday, #flashbackfriday or more of a #sundayfunday type of post?

6️⃣ Trending hashtags – Have a look around Instagram and you’ll start to pick up on what’s trending, otherwise have a quick Google. Before using a trending hashtag, make sure it is still relevant to your post

Use a mix of popular and not so common hashtags within each post (or first comment), stay away from spammy hashtags and don’t forget to double check spelling.

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