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What’s your strategy?

It can be tricky to know where to start with marketing so to keep things simple here’s a little break down of the first few things to think about when preparing a marketing strategy.

  • Know your business - First up, you need to know your business inside out before you can market it properly. What’s your story, what are you offering? What is the look & feel, voice & personality you would like to portray? What are you passionate about and what are your values?

  • Goals and objectives – Take a pen to paper and write down your goals. What would you like to achieve in 1 year, 5 years even 10 years? Think about how marketing will help you get there.

  • Define your target audience – Who is your ideal customer? Identify who they are and how they think. Where are they and what factors could lead them to want or need your product or service? Always keep your customers front of mind.

  • What makes you unique - Who are your competitors and what makes you stand out against them? What are your strengths and limitations? Take a look at other businesses and see what they’re doing. Note what makes them stand out and what you can learn from them.

Once your strategy is set you can choose where to go next…website, social media, email marketing or printed material – find out where your audience is and start making your way through the list of different channels.

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