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A closer look at Facebook cover images

Do you use Facebook for business? Did you know the cover images display at different size ratios for mobile and desktop?

It would be great if we could choose one image for mobile and another for desktop but no such luck, meaning some important content may be getting cropped out!

Good news! There are a couple of ways around this issue when creating your cover image. You could;

  1. Make your cover image standard size for desktop, knowing content from each side will be cropped on mobile, or

  2. make a taller image to suit mobile, knowing top and bottom detail will be cropped on desktop

Keeping in mind that a large portion of today’s Facebook audience is mobile, my recommendation is to create a taller image that fits perfectly on mobile and be mindful of what area at the top and bottom will be cropped on a computer screen.

If you’re stuck, I have a template with all dimensions set up! Let me know if you need any help.

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