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3 logo types for every business

Do I really need more than one logo?

It’s a common question I am asked, and my answer is yes! Here at TC the magic number of logos is three: Primary, Secondary and Submark.

Having three logos is a great way to create a consistent visual identity ensuring you won’t have to stretch or squash your logos to fit across your social channels, digital marketing and print material etc.

Although your logo is only one of the elements that make up your overall brand, it sure is a powerful one! Especially when you have a full set to suit a variety of platforms and uses.

Will each logo look the same? Yes and no! Each logo will be familiar enough to be distinctive but unique enough to not feel repetitive. The different variations will provide you with flexibility in how and where you can use your branding.

Logo usage examples below using Sambell Earthworks recent rebrand .

If you’re in need of a brand or rebrand, let’s have a chat and bring your vision to life!

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