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How many logos should you have?

Having multiple logos is a great way to create a consistent visual identity ensuring you won’t have to stretch or squash your logos to fit across your social platforms, digital marketing and print material. Here's the three I would recommend:

Primary Logo

This is your main logo which includes both your business name and an icon/graphic element. It may also include a tagline, website address or location. This logo is used most often to represent your business.


Secondary Logo

This one is a modified and slightly simplified version of your primary logo. It is most commonly used for online purposes or when you must resize your logo to suit small formats. Often some text is removed, or the logo is restructured to be easily read when resized.


Submark Logo (aka a brandmark)

As a stripped-down version of your primary logo, Submark logos are less detailed and typically they don’t use a lot of text or the full name of your business. Instead, Submark logos could be your initials, a graphic/icon/symbol or stacked/circular version of your original logos. This type of logo is used for much smaller scale uses such as social media.


If you’re in need of a brand or rebrand, get in touch and let’s bring your vision to life!

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