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REBRAND: Jordan Sprigg Sculptures

Inspired by his popular 'Sudan' white rhino sculpture that sits on the South Perth Foreshore, the brief for Jordan's new logo was "bold and strong"!

As part of the design process we worked through a number of details on the rhino including it's stance and strength. Once approved, we looked at which typeface would compliment the design best and proceeded to work on the different logos that would be included in the new Jordan Sprigg Sculptures brand kit.

How how many files were included the final brand kit?


That’s right, 4️0! After the primary logo was designed and approved, I prepared a secondary logo and a couple of submark logos as seen above.

I then exported each logo in multiple formats, included reverse options, the design elements and of course the actual brand kit document itself.

This full kit provides Jordan with a good selection of logos to suit various platforms and applications for both digital and print marketing. Each one is a unique design that is “on brand” to become familiar and easily recognised by Jordan’s clientele.


If you’re in need of a brand or rebrand, get in touch and let’s bring your vision to life!

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